For the woman of substance and affection, allow the effortless comfort of Clair Davu encapsulate you. From a nostalgic fantasy, we take you on an adventure of romance and tenderness, one to arouse an intense love and embrace an occasion.That occasion begins with a gown, a piece that empowers and revitalises your spirit.

Clair Davu has been launched to express our passion for elegant and expertly crafted gowns that flatter every figure. Stunning and alluring, the Clair Davu collection captures the very essence of femininity and elegance from the fashion houses in Europe. Every piece in our collection is sensual and glamour comes naturally as a moment of passion transcends forming everlasting memories under the moonlight.

Each Clair Davu gown has a story, its creation formed by years of experience in the fashion industry. Inspired by romance, our evening and cocktail collections feature exceptional pieces that reshape and flatter the body. Our exclusive range has limited pieces, each gown is delicately hand-beaded and embroidered so that no two are alike and expertly stitched. The exquisite, feminine styles are created of carefully chosen high-quality fabrics to render a custom-made feel. Whether its a cocktail dress or floor-length gown, the wearer looks red-carpet polished infused with glamour and ease.

 At Clair Davu, we love to make it as easy as possible to achieve the best look. The Clair Davu label strives for the very best in quality and service, offering our clients quality gowns without the super high price tag attached. 

Focusing on our clients changing lifestyles and needs, Clair Davu has focussed on technological innovations to permit for the most innovative shopping experience - in-store and online. Based at home in Australia, Clair Davu present their desirable collection in their showroom in Sydney.

The whole team pride themselves on their genuine care for each client, and love nothing more than assisting women find The dress.